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Topic Presentation Code Updated
Leaders Are Made, Not Born Download  05/20/2019
Agile: You Keep Using That Word... Download  08/28/2023
ASP.NET Core Services Download GIT Repo 05/16/2024
Moving to ASP.NET Core Download GIT Repo 11/19/2019
Diving Deep Into ASP.NET Core Download GIT Repo 04/06/2020
Versioning ASP.NET Core Web APIs Download  GIT Repo  08/29/2023
Securing ASP.NET Core Applications Download GIT Repo 04/29/2018
Securing Web APIs and Client Apps with Identity Server Download GIT Repo 04/29/2018
Entity Framework Core      
Entity Framework Core for Mere Mortals Download GIT Repo 05/20/2019
Diving Deep Into Entity Framework Core Download GIT Repo 05/20/2019
What's New in C# 7 and 8 Download GIT Repo 10/05/2019
JavaScript for the C# Developer Download Download 10/05/2019
SOLID Development Patterns for Mere Mortals Download GIT Repo 08/28/2023
10 Design Patterns For Everyday Life Download GIT Repo 05/20/2019
Agile: You Keep Using That Word... Download 08/29/2023
Agile Failures: Stories From the Trenches Download 05/20/2019
Agile 101 Download 10/19/2019
User Story Mapping Download  06/18/2018
Unit Testing for Mere Mortals Download GIT Repo 07/08/2021
Testing Legacy Code Download Download 10/18/2017
Windows Presentation Foundation
WPF For Developers Download Download 10/23/2016
WPF For WinForms Developers Download Download 08/11/2015
Implementing Model View View-Model (MVVM) for WPF Download Download 10/23/2016


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