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Books, Courses, and Videos


Pro C# 8: With .NET 3

Building Web Applications with .NET Core 2.1

Pro C# 7: With .NET and .NET Core

Building Web Applications with Visual Studio 2017 (Apress)

Pro C# and the .NET 4.6 Framework (Apress)

Windows 10 Development with XAML and C# 7

Pro Windows 8.1 Development with XAML and C# (Apress)

White Papers

Top 30 Agile Myths Busted

Lynda Courses

ASP.NET Core New Features

Entity Framework Core Essential Training 1

Entity Framework Core Essential Training 2

Migrating from MVC5 to ASP.NET Core MVC 

Migrating from ASP.NET Web API 2.2 to ASP.NET Core

Getting Started with Entity Framework 6.1.3



Pluralsight Courses

JustMock Lite Fundamentals

//build 2013

Extending the UI Platform

MSDN Channel 9

Top 10 Entity Framework Features Every Develop Should Know

Modern Dev Practices: Unit Testing (Visual Studio Toolbox 2017)

Command/Memento Patterns (Visual Studio Toolbox 2017)

Strategy Pattern (Visual Studio Toolbox 2017)

Template Method Pattern (Visual Studio Toolbox 2017)

Observer/Publish-Subscribe Patterns (Visual Studio Toolbox 2017)

Singleton Pattern (Visual Studio Toolbox 2017)

Factory Patterns (Visual Studio Toolbox 2017)

Adapter/Facade Pattern (Visual Studio Toolbox 2017)

Decorator Pattern (Visual Studio Toolbox 2017)

Unit Testing (Visual Studio Toolbox 2017)

SOLID Design Patterns (Visual Studio Toolbox 2016)

Talking Bootstrap with Seth Jaurez (MVP Summit 2015)

Implementing M-V-VM in WinJS (Techdays NL 2013)

Introducing Agile into the Enterprise (TechDays BE 2011)

Implementing MVVM for WPF (DevDays NL 2011)

Test Driving ASP.NET MVC (DevDays NL 2011)

User Interfaces in WPF (Visual Studio Toolbox 2014)


JavaScript for the C# Developer (KCDC 2015)

SOLID Software and Design Patterns for Mere Mortals (CodePaLOUsa 2011)

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