KalamazooX is Back!

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KalamazooX is Back!

Once again, KalamzooX is back! Held in Kalamzoo, MI, on April 10, this conference is different than most, in that it focuses on interpersonal topics, development practices, architecture, and other “Soft Skills” instead of the typical code centric talks at most Day of .NET or Code Camp conferences.

The format is also unique, in that it is a single track conference.  Everyone is in the same room for the entire day!  This provides an environment that brings everyone together and opens up a much wider array of discussions.

For more information, the full session list, or to register, go to www.kalamzoox.org. I’ll be there presenting on the benefits of automated testing.  There will also be sessions on being a better developer, change, designer/developer interaction, and a session designed to help attract and retain women into technology.

I hope to see you there!

Happy Coding!

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