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ReSharper Import Symbol (aka Type Name) Completion and VMWare Console

ReSharper (R#) has a great feature that will complete the type (and add the correct "using" statement) for any referenced assembly regardless of current visibility in your class.

The default keystrokes for this is ctl-alt-space.  This works great, but stopped working for me when I started running everything in a Virtual Machine Console window.  I thought (for too long) that it was an issue with the daily builds, but it occurred to me that it is really a side effect of running in VMWare Server console.  The console window maps ctl-alt to “release your cursor”.  The prevents programs running in the VM from using that keystroke combination.

The solution was simple.  In Visual Studio, goto Tools->Options->Keyboard.  In the textbox for "Show commands containing:", type "CompleteCodeTypeName", and two options will show.  Select the choice "ReSharper.ReSharper_CompleteCodeTypeName" and map it to something else (I selected ctl-shift-alt-space) and viola, it works again!

Happy Coding!

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