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ReSharper and Gallio, Back Together Again

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I will admit it.  I am addicted to daily builds for my tools.  Does it burn me?  Only occasionally, but I work in VMs so all I ever have to do is roll back to a snapshot and I'm good to go.

Recently the R# team started working on version 4.5, which is entirely focused on performance.  If you have been following my blog at all, you know that I am an avid R# and Gallio/MbUnit user for all of my development (even T-SQL).  Much to my chagrin, part of the performance refactoring of R# changed the API used by plug-ins (such as Gallio) to integrate into the test runner.

Jeff Brown and company have been hard at work refining and improving the 3.0.6 version of Gallio/MbUnit, and today has released the update that works with R# 4.5.

I have been using it now all morning, and I must say, kudos to both JetBrains and the Gallio team for a job well down.  R# is significantly faster, and my units test are running as of old (albeit much faster)!

When you install the latest Gallio, you need to go into the R# menu and enable the Gallio Test Runner plug-in, and rebuild your projects.  This is only needed the first time after upgrading your products.

Daily downloads of both products can be found here:

ReSharper 4.5 dailies (I am using build 1213)

Gallio dailies (I am using build

Note, you need to understand that these are daily builds, and you are using them at your own risk.

Happy coding!

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