St. Louis Day of .NET Another Major Success

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St. Louis Day of .NET Another Major Success

IMGP1261_thumb[1]The 4th annual St. Louis Day(s) of .NET built on the previous years successes and once again delivered an amazing show.  Held at the beautiful Ameristar Casino and Resort in St. Charles, Missouri.  This year, the conference maxed out the capacity of the conference center (over 800 people attended the show!)

Hats off to Jeff Fattic, Scott Spradlin, and Kevin Grossnicklaus and the scores (yes I mean scores) of other volunteers that made this event possible. I also have to give props to their spouses, children, friends, and co-workers, since the time commitment to run such a large event is extremely significant.

Telerik was proud to be one of the Gold Sponsors of the event, always willing to support the community.  Telerik was also very well represented among the speakers, with myself (Patterns and Practices Evangelist) and two Telerik Insiders (Lee Brandt and Steve Bohlen). Between the three of us we gave 9 talks! 

I gave:

  • Deliver Cleaner Code with LINQ to Objects
  • Lessons Learned: Being Agile in a Waterfall Sandbox
  • Implementing M-V-VM (Model-View-ViewModel) for WPF
  • Enhancing LightSwitch Applications with Telerik/Third Party Controls

Steve Bohlen:

  • Refactoring to a S.O.L.I.D. Foundation
  • Unit Testing Patterns and Anti-Patterns
  • Taming Dependency Chaos with Inversion of Control Containers

Lee Brandt:

  • NHibernate, Fluent NHibernate and the Repository Pattern in 1 Hour or Less
  • Behavior-Driven Development from the Trenches

Once again, an amazing job.  Great content, great speakers, great venue, great attendees.  Well worth the trip to come to the show, no matter where you live!

Happy Coding!

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