Fix For SQL Doc 2 and SQL Compare 7.1 Slow to Load

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Fix For SQL Doc 2 and SQL Compare 7.1 Slow to Load

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I just installed Red Gate's SQL Toolbelt on my development machine (happens to be a Virtual Machine) that is running Windows Server 2008 for the OS, SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 (and lots of smaller developer tools).

Installation was flawless, but I couldn’t get SQL Doc or SQL Compare to start correctly.  Both products kept locking up on the splash screen.  I decided to let them go, and they both loaded eventually (SQL Doc in ~10 minutes, SQL Compare in ~30 minutes).  After they finally loaded, everything ran fine.

I sent an email to tech support (well, actually another contact there who was kind enough to open a case for me), and they responded first thing this am.  I described my dev environment, and they suggested I look at my network printers.

Turns out I had a network printer set as my default printer (this is not how I usually keep my environments, as I try and keep PrimoPDF as my default printer – this is due to some Office 2007 issues with HP printers that I’ve discovered).

I changed my default printer to be PrimoPDF, and both products loaded in a flash!

Kudos to the support team on their quick response,  and their correct assessment of what might be the issue.

Happy coding!

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