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Great sessions at Cincinnati .Net Users' Group Past Two Night (With Dayton UG Also!)

Two nights in a row of great community time spent with fellow .Netters! Tuesday night, Cincinnati .Net Architecture Group met and we had great discussions around the "ilities" (scalability, interoperability, etc), to ORM or Not to ORM, and Windows vs. Web deployment models. Hopefully, I didn't embarass myself as moderator :-). Any folks currently working as Software Architects (aren't we all in a way?) or wanting to get more into the Architecture realm should definitely come and join us. The group meets the second Tuesday of the month (more info at the link above).

Last night, the Cincinnati and Dayton .Net Users' Group hosted a join Open Spaces event. If you've never been to an Open Spaces session, these are the ultimate in open forum discussion. Topics are whatever the attendees bring to the table. Last night we discussed (at least) YAGNI (You Ain't Gonna Need It), the .Net Community (and what we can do to make it stronger), among other topics. I say "at least" because I had a meeting I couldn't miss, so I arrived an hour after the start.

An interesting point was brought up last night about the community. One of the attendees stated that one of his coworkers won't come because "the topics don't interest him". I could blog for days on that statement alone, but I defer that for another day. The beauty of Open Spaces is that you as the attendee bring the topics. If you don't like a topic being discussed, the rule of "two feet" comes into play. Use your two feet to get up and leave to find one that interests you. Or, wait for an opportunity to bring up your specific topic.

Afterwards, Leon Gersing, Matt Brewer, Jim Holmes, Mark Haskamp and I went out and solved all of the worlds technology problems. I'm just not sure any of us remember what we designed!

Anyway, hope to see you all at the next meeting of the Cincy or Dayton user groups!

Happy Coding!
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