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Another Successful Richmond Code Camp

The organizers of the Richmond Code Camp rang in another successful event.  Telerik was a sponsor of the event, and the .NET Ninja shirts and Ninja heads were flying all around!  I was also a speaker at the event, delivering two successful talks that both received great feedback.

The two talks that gave were “Lessons Learned: Being Agile in a Waterfall Sandbox” and “Delivering Cleaner Code with LINQ to Objects”.  Both sessions had great interaction from the audience, and quite a few hallway conversations to boot.  if you are interested in the content, you can download the slides and the code samples from here.  Telerik also raffled off two Telerik Ultimate Collections for the attendees, and they were very well received!

All in all, it was a good day.  Got to see some old friends, and made a lot of new ones.  Once again, a great community event brought a great group of .NET enthusiasts together.

See you at the next event!

Happy Coding!

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