File Format issues with Visual Studio DB Pro and Ankh

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File Format issues with Visual Studio DB Pro and Ankh

Ok, I admit it.  I got Ankh'ed.  Don't get me wrong.  I love Ankh. Visual Studio integration for SVN, and open source is definitely FTW.

There are two of us working on the project, and we are both remote.  Occasionally (although recently more than occasionally) the project file get corrupted.  An incredible amount of non-printable characters get added to the end of the file, and a short stream (but just as destructive) gets added at the header.

Usually, I can open the file in UltraEdit, clean up the wacky stuff, and all is well.  Today, not so much.  Got the file cleaned up, resolved the conflicts with SVN through WinMerge, and then the project wouldn't load.  The error goes essentially like this:

"Project file could not be loaded. Cannot switch to Unicode"

Turned out the fix was easy.  Open the project file in your favorite text editor (like UltraEdit), save as UTF-16, and reload the project file.

Happy coding.

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