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Samples and Presentations

Topic Presentation Code Updated
Effective Leadership Download   10/23/2016
Agile: You Keep Using That Word... Download   08/16/2017
ASP.NET Core - What You Need To Know Download GIT Repo 06/03/2017
EF Core and ASP.NET Core Web Services Download GIT Repo 10/23/2016
EF Core What You Need To Know/Top 10 Features Download Download 10/23/2016
 ASP.NET Core 2/ EF Core 2Full Day Hands On Lab GIT Repo GIT Repo 06/10/2017
Web Development
JavaScript for the C# Developer Download Download 07/09/2015
Take Your Site from Ugh to Oooh with Bootstrap Download Download 04/21/2017
What's New in ASP.NET WebForms 4.5 Download Download 03/19/2015
ASP.NET MVC 5 For WebForms Developers Download Download 03/18/2015
Slice Development Time with ASP.NET MVC and Razor Download Download 03/18/2015
SOLID Development Patterns for Mere Mortals Download GIT Repo 06/03/2017
Entity Framework
Entity Framework Core Fundamentals      
Entity Framework 6.x Fundamentals Download Download 05/20/2015
Top 10 Things to Know about Entity Framework 6.x/Core 1 Download Download 05/05/2017
Agile: You Keep Using That Word... Download 08/15/2017
Agile Failures: Stories From the Trenches

Long Version || Short Version

Surviving the Enterprise Waterfall Download   05/17/2016
Surviving the Waterfall (PMI Mega Event) Download   05/25/2017
User Story Mapping Download   03/21/2017
Planning Poker Download   04/21/2015
Making Requirements Useful Download   04/21/2015
Agile Workshop
00-Intro Download   03/26/2017
01-NASA Download   03/26/2017
02-You Keep Using That Word... Download   03/26/2017
03-The Basics Download   03/26/2017
04-Requirements Download   03/26/2017
05-User Story Mapping Download   03/26/2017
06-Planning Poker Download   03/26/2017
07-Planning Download   03/26/2017
08-Software Engineering Download   03/26/2017
09-Quality Download   03/26/2017
10-Retrospectives Download   03/26/2017
Windows Presentation Foundation
WPF For Developers Download Download 10/23/2016
WPF For WinForms Developers Download Download 08/11/2015
Implementing Model View View-Model (MVVM) for WPF Download Download 10/23/2016
Fluid User Interfaces in WPF Download Download 03/18/2015
Universal Apps for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1
Getting Started with Universal Apps for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 Download Download 08/12/2015
Windows 8
Building XAML/C# Applications for Desktop, Store, and Phone Download Download 08/11/2015
Windows 8 Custom Controls Download Download 05/22/2014
Monetizing Windows 8.1 Apps Download Download 05/27/2014
Build a WIndows 8.1 App in a Day (Full Day Workshop) Download Completed Labs | Lab Walkthroughs 05/22/2014
Defining a Mobile Strategy Download    
The Road To The Cloud
Cloud Computing Models: Private, Public, and Hybrid Download   12/02/2014
Cloud Business and Cost Models Download   12/02/2014


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