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Fatal Execution Engine Error (memory address) (memory address)

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I’ve been having a problem opening up a Visual Studio 2008 Solution for about a week now.  I open the solution, and anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 minutes after opening the solution, Visual Studio would just disappear. Poof.  Gone.  No good-bye, no hug, nothing.  This is a TFS based solution, with a remote hoster for TFS.  It is also my *only* TFS based solution that I am currently working with. So I don’t have another solution to compare to (or even know if another solution would work).  All of my other projects are using subversion for source control.  Looking in the Event Viewer, I found the error “.NET Runtime version 2.0.50727.4927 - Fatal Execution Engine Error (714B851A) (80131506)”.  Very descriptive.

I use a lot of different tools on my daily geek life.  Including several Visual Studio add-ins like JetBrains' ReSharper, RedGate's Memory Profiler, RedGate’s Performance Profiler, RedGate’s SQL Prompt, and VisualSVN. I was not about to start removing tools to see what the issue was (although the few hits that I found on Bing/Google all pointed to various combinations of tool conflicts/.NET corruption, SP1 issues, etc. etc.)  Bottom line, it seems there aren’t any cut and dried fixes.  Lot’s of guesses, and all of them are time consuming.

In my particular situation, I am working with a solution that is community developed.  Various volunteers, various locations/time zones, and different development environments.  Very little control over those factors (and I’m not suggesting that there should be more control, just stating it’s the situation).

I noticed that in the .csproj files, the vast majority of them have the line:


Three of the projects had the line:


So, I made them all match my version of Visual Studio, which is 9.0.30729.  Loaded up the solution, and haven’t had any issues (for an hour now :-))

If you’re reading this post, you probably found this exact error message in your event viewer.  If so, I hope this resolves your issues.  If not, here are some other links that I found (that didn’t help me) but might help you:

As always, Happy Coding!

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