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Resolving “Registration of the app failed.” for Windows 8

I’m in the midst of a deep dive into WinJS, and I noticed I would get this error (or a similar version of it) every so often when trying to debug my application (in either the Simulator or on my local machine).

DEP0700 : Registration of the app failed. An internal error occurred with error 0x80073D05


An error occurred while deleting the package's previously existing application data.

A bit of binging around brought me to this Microsoft KB article, but it wasn’t a ton of help.  It turns out the resolution is very simple.  Uninstall your application from your machine (even in the Simulator, it installs your application on your Start screen), and launch the debugger again. 

Turns out it’s related to changing the application manifest, and the debugger can’t handle uninstalling and re-installing applications.

Happy Coding!

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