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MBUnit Plugin for R# (by Albert Weinert)

I've been using Albert Weinert's most excellent ReShaper (also know as R#) plugin for MbUnit found here.

The only issue that I have found is that I've noticed in the Unit Test Sessions window, if you have a RowTest, it doesn't display the results for the individual row tests. I can certainly live with that, since all of my tests show up in the Unit Test Explorer window.

If you are running the daily builds from R#, the latest stable build is 4.1. This breaks the addin (well, doesn't break it, but it stops working). The add-in must be installed in %APPDATA%\JetBrains\ReSharper\%rsversion% where %rsversion% = 4.1. The bat file that Albert was kind enough to supply only looks for "4.0". So, either change the bat file from:

call copybat v4.0 vs9.0 i


call copybat v4.1 vs9.0 i

or copy the ReSharper\v4.1\vs9.0\PlugIns directory yourself. Easy fix.

Happy Coding (and testing)!
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